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The Full Story


At Blockchain Global Capital, we envision an ever growing and interconnected world.  Technology makes the world a more connected place, from the advent of the radio, telephone, television and the internet, each brought society a little closer together.  We believe blockchain technology will be on par with these previous inventions, allowing people across the globe to trade, bank, rent cloud server space, live in VR worlds, and even control the Internet-of-Things with AI.  All of these things are actively being built on top of blockchains now.

We want to help guide our clients through this "blockchain revolution" and help them maximize exposure to good projects with solid backing and known industry names.  We aim to mitigate a portion of our client's risk using our extensive background in hedging strategies, traditional wealth management and cryptocurrencies.

Lastly, keeping up with new technology is hard, and takes hours a day that most people simply do not have available.  Our research team pours over finance, crypto, and political news for hours each day to ensure we have our finger on the pulse of the industry.  We hope to provide a simple, turnkey solution for the accredited investor who wants to allocate a portion of their portfolio to digital assets.

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